Here's How I Care For My Teeth

Many people praise that I have a beautiful smile and been asking me how do I maintain my white teeth and where do I go for teeth whitening.

The truth is... I really spend little time and effort to maintain them.

Here's my dental routine:

  • Brushing of teeth (twice daily)
  • Flossing of teeth (twice daily)
  • Scraping of tongue (at least twice daily)
  • Dental visit for scale and polish (every 6 month)

There's nothing special but discipline. Of course, there will be days when I'm lazy and wish to have someone cleaning my teeth for me.

One day, when a digital marketing company invited me to join their dental gadget campaign I can't help but to accept it because dental health is really important to me and I always wish to improve the process. I was then introduced to a product:

Portable Dental Water Jet

It is using water and pulse to floss the teeth instead of the traditional nylon floss which can be annoying and time consuming at times.

How I wish I knew the existent of water floss during my braces days, because cleaning of my orthodontal wire was a pain back then. I only started using nylon floss after removal of braces and as a starter I always cause my gum to bleed.

Recently I discovered Raldmoyer Portable Dental Water Jet and it was a great encounter. I am surprise that a 1st timer like me know how to operate the device without cocking up. 

It's so portable that I even bring it for my staycation. Here's a video of how it works:


This shows how quick and effective it can be:


Most importantly, it is effective in removing plaque and food debris keeping my gum clean in less time and less effort compared to traditional flossing. 


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