Cavilla Hair Tonic (30ml)
Cavilla Hair Tonic (30ml)
Cavilla Hair Tonic (30ml)
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Cavilla Hair Tonic (30ml)

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Cavilla Hair Tonic was manufactured in a reputation lab in China, and officially distributed in Malaysia. It contains a variety of precious herbal ingredients, such as Ginseng.


It is combined with nanotechnology to extract the active ingredients in the herbs, while fully maintaining the biological activity of the original medicines. Its active ingredients can expand the scalp capillaries, promote scalp blood circulation, and activate hair follicles. Consolidate the firmness of hair roots; Promote hair root enlargement and promote melanin synthesis; repair hair quality, supplement nutrition, and enhance hair elasticity; thoroughly remove the deposits of sebum deposits in pores, inhibit hair loss, and promote hair growth.


In addition, Cavilla Hair tonic has changed its packaging since June 2020. The formula and ingredients stay the same, but packaging improving to look sleeker and to prevent leakage better.


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✅  Activate Hair Follicle
✅  Promote Hair Growth
✅  Increased Density
✅  Firms Hair Root
✅  Inhibit Hair Loss

  1. Recommended to shampoo your hair thoroughly before applying, to cleanse off dirt and sebum
  2. Ensure your hair is 90% dry before applying. Recommended usage: twice a day (day & night)
  3. Remove dropper and drip 2-3 drops on affected area. (Directly onto your scalp)
  4. Spread the tonic evenly with your fingers by massaging your scalp gently till it is fully absorbed

The best way to protect your scalp is to control your hair loss before it controls you.

For a better results and lasting, subscribe to a treatment which consist of 3 bottles.

Ingredients from all-natural extracts, nourish your hair follicles, awake and activate hair follicles to enhance hair growth:


Water, Alcohol, Polygonum Mulltiflorum Root extract, Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed extract, Angelicapolymorpha Sinensis Root extract, Astragalus Gummifer Root extract, Ligusticum Chuanxiong extract, Propylene Glycol, Panthenol.

Will feel oily after applying?
No. It is water-base, for easy absorption. There is no oil content and will not block hair follicles as well. 

One bottle can last how long?
30ml can last around 30-45days depending on your usage. Just apply a few drops, spread evenly and massage.

Why do I feel a hot and tingling sensation after applying? 
Because our hair tonic contains Chinese herbs, it effectively stimulates our blood circulation and follicles to promote hair growth. Therefore, it is very normal to have a hot and tingling sensation after applying. 

Do I need maintenance after the treatment? 
Ideally yes. Same goes for our lash, they all have a life cycle, so there will be a growing stage as well as falling stage. To ensure that your hair is strong and thick, you must feed them with plenty of nutrients. 

Just like going to the gym, do you stop when you get your ideal toned body? And, what happens if you stop?

What effects can I see? And how long it takes? 
You will be able to see results within 3-4 weeks, the first bottle usage. The first visible results you will see would be baby hair growing. 

What is the expiry date? 
An official expiry date will be printed on the packaging. Usually 2 years depending. 

Is it safe to use? 
Yes, our products are internationally certified by SGS and PONY! 

Does it smell bad? 
Personally, I hate the typical hair tonic scent, very pungent. However, I find our hair tonic scent acceptable. You can still smell Ginseng and other herbs, but it is not as unpleasing as other hair tonic. In fact, I do not really find it smelly. 

Cavilla can be used by both gender, male and female? 
Yes. Everyone is suffering from hair loss and baldness in the society today, due to stress and pollution. In fact, our hair tonic is relatively popular among the men too! 

Can a bald head be used? 
So long as it is not skin head kind, it means that there are hair follicles. Therefore, you can use our hair tonic to stimulate their follicles to promote faster hair growth. 

Can hereditary baldness be used? 
Hereditary baldness is also known as genetic baldness for men. You can use the hair tonic to slow the hair loss down and accelerate hair growth. 

Can it help with block pores? 
Yes. Just wash your hair, blow dry and then use Tonic to activate hair follicle cell regeneration 

Will the scalp get acne after using it?? 
Depends on the individual. Some people have clogged hair follicles, resulting to acne in the early stage. 

However, it is normal, it will subside in a few days.

Most of the hair follicles are blocked because of oily / scalp. Remember to wash your hair daily.