cavilla lash essence
Cavilla Lash Essence (3ml)
Cavilla Lash Essence (3ml)
Cavilla Lash Essence (3ml)
Cavilla Lash Essence (3ml)
Cavilla Lash Essence (3ml)
Cavilla Lash Essence (3ml)
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Cavilla Lash Essence (3ml)

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Cavilla Lash Essence is formulated in the United States, manufactured in a reputation lab in China, and officially distributed in Malaysia. 


Our signature formula would be the Biological Enzyme, EPM. 

Biological enzyme "EPM" consists of 10 amino acids, promote lash growth by nourishing the lashes from the roots and accurately activating each hair follicle so that the eyelashes receive the right amount of nutrients. 


Out of all the hair follicles we have, only 20% of them are active and the remaining 80% of them are completely "sleeping". Cavilla Lash Essence effectively awakens the sleeping follicles and promotes lash growth. 


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✅  Promote Eyelash Growth
✅  Nourish the Eyelash 
✅  Activate Keratin Gene
✅  Replenish Nutrients
✅ The Safest Active Stabilizer

  1. Remove all eye makeup and cleanse thoroughly
  2. Close your eye and apply a thin layer of Cavilla Lash Essence over the roots of your lashes and dab off the excess essence gently with a tissue
  3. Monitor your lash growth by measuring them with the card provided and take before/after photos


Apply over your upper lash line once a night for the first week. Increase usage twice a day (day & night) over upper and lower lash line from the second week onwards

Water, Oligopeptide-3, Tocopherol, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-4, Pentylene Glycol, Protease dextran, Collagen, 1,2-Hexanediol, Hydroxyacetophenone. 

Why Lazada/Carousell are selling at lower price? 

Every product in the market will have price variations on these platforms. Even big brands like SK2 etc. But are you worried about the authenticity? Expiry date? Quality of the product? For all authorised distributors, we are committed to a fixed selling price otherwise we will be severely penalised. Why would we want to be penalised and even spoil our own market? So, who are the sellers on those platforms and why is it cheaper? I believe we all have the answer in our mind. 

Furthermore, Cavilla HQ has officially forbids all authorised distributors from selling on such platforms so that customers are able to differentiate the authenticity better. 

“Cavilla HQ controls the retail price in an extremely strict manner. We as a distributor will be penalised or get our distributorship revoked if we were caught in selling below the fixed price. We are trying to earn a living. Why would we want to jeopardize our own rice bowl and reputation? So, I guess either Lazada or other platform products are either not authentic or expiring soon.” 

Can I apply Cavilla Lash Essence if I have lash extensions? 

Cavilla Lash Essence does not contain any oil, so it is perfectly safe to use on lash extensions as it does not break down the lash glue. 

Is it safe? Is it natural? What are the main ingredients?

Yes, completely safe to use. Our products are SGS and PONY certified. SGS and PONY are internationally recognised. Main ingredients would be our signature EPM, it comprises of natural plant extracts. You will see a few other ingredients with Chemical terms printed on the box, however the content is completely safe for application. 

One bottle can apply approximately how many times? 

One bottle can last you about 3 months. Which is about 180 times or more. 

Any age limitations for the product? 

Currently, we will advise it as 14 years old and above. However, it is not scientifically tested and proven that users below 14 years old are not allowed to use it due to negative reactions. 

Will my lashes become natural curl after using? 

Some people have naturally curled and healthy lashes but after doing lash perm or extensions, lashes are damaged, weak and lose their natural curl. By using the Cavilla Lash Essence, it helps to repair damaged lashes and promotes healthier lash growth. So, if you are born with natural curled lashes, the answer is yes. Otherwise, sad to say the lash serum will not be able to “curl” your lashes naturally. 

What is Cavilla lash growth treatment? 

By using two bottles of Cavilla lash serum continuously, you will be able to see more prominent results and therefore we name it Cavilla lash growth Treatment. Usually 1 bottle is for you to try out and most customers will be able to see visible results too. However, results tend to be accelerated on your second bottle onwards. 

What effects can I see? And how long it takes? 

You will be able to see longer, fuller, and thicker lashes in approximately 3-4 weeks 

How does it help with lash growth?

Cavilla Lash Essence effectively activates the dormant hair follicles, nourishes the lashes, and prolongs lashes life cycle. At the same time, it also helps to repair damaged lashes and prevent fast shedding 

Do I need maintenance after the treatment?

If you think that you have seen desired results, it is perfectly okay to stop. However, our lashes have a life cycle, so they shed and grow as time passes by. So, if you would like to have a fuller lash line all the time, then it’s best to do maintenance. Personally, by doing maintenance, I no longer see “holes” in between my lashes anymore. 

What is the expiry date?

An official expiry date will be printed on the packaging. Usually 2 years depending. 

Can I use on my eyebrows too? 

Yes, Cavilla Lash Essence is suitable for both eyelash and eyebrows. Our customers have seen visible results on their eyebrows too! 

Will it cause affect vision/discolouration? 

For those beauty gurus, you may have heard of this ingredient “Bimatoprost” in lash serum that causes discoloration or affects vision. However, Cavilla Lash Essence does not contain this ingredient so please use it with a peace of mind! 

Why does my eye area darken? 

The active ingredients effectively promote lash growth however, with excessive application or applying directly to the skin can cause darkening pigments or redness due to the stimulation of blood circulation. It is basically a temporary stain which will go away within 2-3 days. This is quite common for most lash serum in the market. Therefore, to minimise this situation, we will advise customers on the proper usage and Cavilla Lash Essence’s applicator brush is made to the smallest possible. 

Why do I experience redness & tingling sensation around the lid? 

Our eye area tends to be more sensitive as compared to the rest of our skin. Cavilla Lash Essence stimulates blood circulation and therefore during the first few usage, you may experience slight redness or maybe slight itch initially. But it is a perfectly normal reaction. This will eventually go away within 3-5days. 

Why can I only start applying my lower lashes from the second week onwards? 

Our eye area is extremely sensitive as compared to the rest of our skin. Some customers may not to be used to the active ingredients that stimulates blood circulation etc. So, we will advise a light usage for a start. 

Will our lash essence cause Milla seeds? 

No. Only apply on lash line, will not cause milia seeds development. 

And our lash essence does not contain any oil to trigger milla seeds. 

Why do I experience swollen eye?

At the initial stage, some people may have a more sensitive eye area, and not adapted to the active stimulation. It will subside within a few days 

How to answer to those whose result not so obvious yet? 

Because every individual absorbs differently and probably due to their lash growth cycle, some people may not see obvious results early. However, please advise your customers not to give up, the results may come slow, but it will still show up! 

Can pregnant mummies use the lash essence? 

We will not encourage pregnant mummies to use, it is best for them to seek doctor’s advice instead. However, same thing as the age restriction, it is not scientifically tested and proven that pregnant woman not allowed to use due to negative reactions. 

Breastfeeding mummies can use it with a peace of mind, no issues!